Ms. Jerusa

Ms. Jerusa is the Lead Teacher for the Brown Bears class. She is fluent in two languages: English and Portuguese. Ms. Jerusa is intermediate in the language of Spanish. She likes to watch and be part of the growing and discovering process of preschool children. She enjoys preparing the children for Kindergarten. She loves working with children! She volunteered at Countryside Elementary school when her children were younger. Ms. Jerusa has experience working in a local preschool when her children were young. Ms. Jerusa has had many job descriptions with Community Kids as a substitute teacher and assistant teacher for the Brown Bears Class in 2009/2010. In 2012, she shadowed and supported a student in the Leap Frogs. She resides in Sterling with her husband and her two children, Mark and Jessica. She has lived in Virginia since 2004. She is originally from Brazil.

Ms. Jerusa is certified in CPR/First Aid, E-MAT, and Child Abuse and Neglect. Ms. Jerusa has certificates from Early Childhood professional training courses and continues to take Child Development-related courses. Her annual requirement as a Teacher is 16 hours of Continue Hours in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Jerusa is required to have a Physical (every year) and TB test (every two years) completed before the first day of Preschool each new year. She has a Central Registry Release of Information Form done by Department of Social Services as well as a Background Fingerprints are done every five years.

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