Thank you for your interest in Community Kids Christian Preschool (Community Kids). Preschool is such an exciting and challenging time for you and your child. I am delighted that you are considering Community Kids as your child’s journey through his/her academic and social development. Community Kids Christian Preschool is the best-hidden preschool in Cascades. Community Kids Christian Preschool welcomes students from all races, religions, and national origins. The preschool was established in 2001.

Community Kids can provide your child with the foundation to support him/her in the Kindergarten Readiness program in Loudoun County as well as enrichment programs such as Chapel Time, Music Time and Story Time at the Cascades Library. We believe in encouraging the children to use good manners, to be kind, to be respectful of one another, to be creative, to learn how to socialize with others, and to be interested in learning. Our preschool day is built around routine. During the day, the children explore academics (letters, sounds, numbers, science, our community, and art-based projects) as well as social learning. Your child will work on his/her fine and large motor skills every day at Community Kids.

Our Mission Statement is part of the Christian Education ministry of Community Lutheran Church. It provides a Christian setting in which a child can develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. The Preschool works to help nurture each child’s self-esteem, creativity, and ability to share and reach out to others. When children are young, the attitudes they develop by experiencing God’s love through the adults closest to them stay with them throughout their lives. The Preschool provides opportunities, in which the child can form the foundation for a positive self-image, develop healthy relationships with others, and experience the joy of learning and the joy of God’s love.

Come by and take a tour and see why we are the best-hidden preschool in Cascades, Virginia. We can be reached by phone at (703) 430-8248 or via email at

Thank you for considering Community Kids Christian Preschool as your child explores and learns with academics and social development.