Welcome to Community Kids Christian Preschool!

Why Community Kids

Established in 2001, Community Kids Christian Preschool is one of the best-hidden preschools in Cascades. Community Kids welcomes students from all races, religions, and national origins. Community Kids works to help nurture each child’s self-esteem, creativity, and ability to share and reach out to others. 

We would love to chat with you to tell you more about what makes us unique!

Making Learning Fun!

At Community Kids, we present a curriculum that engages young children in meaningful, developmentally-appropriate activities. They will explore, discover, ask questions, and work with friends and teachers to learn and grow. We strive to foster a love of school and learning in each of our students. We follow the Loudoun County Kindergarten Readiness program to ensure all applicable standards are met.

Extending the Learning!

Our fun and exciting after-school enrichment program for Preschoolers.

We will be expanding our knowledge, exploring the arts and discovering the joys of learning. Each day focuses on a different curriculum area this way we can give children an immersive hands-on experience through engaging activities.

Summertime Fun!

While we are happy that they are moving on to better things, we are always a little sad to see the children leave at the end of the school year in May. To help fill some of the summertime, Community Kids hosts summer camps each summer in July covering different themes each year.

Growing in Grace

Our Mission Statement is part of the Christian Education ministry of Community Lutheran Church. It provides a Christian setting in which a child can develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. The Preschool works to help nurture each child’s self-esteem, creativity, and ability to share and reach out to others. When children are young, the attitudes they develop by experiencing God’s love through the adults closest to them stay with them throughout their lives. The Preschool provides opportunities, in which the child can form the foundation for a positive self-image, develop healthy relationships with others, and experience the joy of learning and the joy of God’s love.

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

Established in 2001, Community Kids has graduated hundreds of children to local kindergartens. Through the Community Kids program, the children are prepared for the next step in their educational journey. We love seeing them as they go out into the world, and love even more as they come back, or send their younger siblings back, to see us.

2019 Graduates
Voted as one of the FAVORITE CHILD CARE CENTERS/PRESCHOOLS in Loudoun County